Shipping Information
Antique County Maps of Ireland - 1837

Note - This information only applies to the antique county maps of Ireland available on this site.

  • Orders are shipped within 7 days of placement unless otherwise notified, in the majority of cases they will be sent earlier than this.

  • Larger pictures are sent wrapped in tissue in stout cardboard mailing tubes.

  • Smaller pictures are sent wrapped in tissue in card-backed envelopes.

  • All prints are dispatched from the UK. They are sent surface mail within the UK and by airmail to the rest of the world.

  • Guaranteed delivery (by a particular date) is only available within the UK and at extra cost - though has never proven to be necessary.

  • Delivery times cannot be guaranteed , but are nearly always within 7 days of placement of the order in the UK and within 10 days of placement in Europe and the USA., further afield is usually within 2 weeks, though please see Canada, below.

  • Despite the name, ships are not involved in the shipping process to most addresses.

  • Canada - Usually maps arrive within 2 weeks, rarely but regularly (several times a year) they take up to 4 weeks, the record so far is 6 1/2 weeks. Sending another does not speed things up, the first one has arrived first if I've ever done this, and I've never had one go missing to Canada. We are happy to send them, but be aware there may be quite a delay that cannot be avoided.



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