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Wexford, click for larger map - allow some time to download

Wexford Map
County Maps of Ireland - 1837

Small Wexford map
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200mm x 250mm
(7 7/8 x 9 3/4 in)

Large Wexford map
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310mm x 395mm
(12 3/16 x 15 1/2 in)

Taken from:
"Lewis's Atlas, comprising the Counties of Ireland"

Published in London by S. Lewis & Co. 87 Aldersgate Street
27th of September 1837.

This map was made in 1837, just 10 years before the disaster of the "Great Famine" in 1847. 1837 is a particularly significant time in Ireland's history at the period of the historically highest population and immediately prior to the great exodus of Ireland's population - in particular to the United States.

The original map image size is approx. 200 x 250mm - See larger image


Places marked include:

Districts - Ballaghkeen, Bantry, Bargy, Forth, Gorey, Scarawalsh, Shelburne, Shelmaleer

Town, Villages, Settlements - Adamstown   Ambrosetown   Andeavan   Ardamine   Ardcandridge   Ardcolme   Arthurs Town   Artramont   Baldwinstown   Ballagh   Ballyane   Ballybrazill   Ballybrennan   Ballycannow   Ballyconnick   Ballyconran   Ballydunagin   Ballyheogue   Ballyhiland   Ballyhock   Ballyhuskand   Ballyingly   Ballylennan   Ballyminnan   Ballymitty   Ballymore   Ballyneslaney   Ballyvaldon   Ballyvaloo   Barrow   Blackwater   Bridge Town   Cahone Point   Camolin   Carnagh   Carne   Carnew   Carrick   Carrig   Castle Ennis   Chapel Charon   Chapple   Church Town   Clohamen Bridge   Clongreen   Clonleigh   Clonmires   Clonmore   Clonroche   Cloregal   Clorsilla   Coolagnaney   Coolstuffe   Courtown Harbour   Crassabeg   Crosspatrick  Danescastle   Donaghmore   Donowney   Drinagh   Dunbrody   Duncannon   Duncormuck   Edevmine   Enniscorthy   Ferns   Fetherd   Fooksmills   Glassonrick Point   Gorey   Hook   Hook head   Inch   Inch   Ishantmon   Johnstown   Kilbride   Kilbride   Kilcavan   Kilcoan   Kilcomb   Kilcormuck   Kilcowanmore   Kildovan   Kilgarven   Kilgorman   Kilkevan   Killag   Killan   Killancooly   Killeck   Killegorey   Killely   Killenagh   Killesk   Killiane   Killilane   Killilogue   Killinick   Killinoor   Killtennel   Killurin   Kilmalog   Kilmannan   Kilmocree   Kilmokea   Kilmore   Kilmuckridge   Kilnemanagh   Kilnush   Kilpatrick   Kilrare   Kilrehue   Kilscanlan   Kilscopan   Kilthomas   Kiltrisk   Kilturk   Lacken   Lacken   Laraheen   Leskinfere   Maglass   Mandlintown   Melina   Monart   Monomolin   Moyacomb   Mulcankin   New Ross   Newbawn   Newtown Barry   Old Ross   Oulart   Owenduffe   Oyl Gate   Poolshone  Head   Raheenahoun   Ramsgrange   Rathaspeck   Rathmacknee   Rathroe   Roslane   Rossdroit   Rossmanogue   Scanawalsh Bridge  Skreen   Slade   Slade  Bay   Slievebawn   St. Helen   St. Iberius   St. James   St. John   St. John's   St. Margarets   St. Michael   St. Michael   St. Nicholas   St.  Peter   Taca Hill   Tacumshane   Taghmor   Tagoat   Talleraght   Temple Udigan   Templeshambo   Templeshannon   Templetown   Templscobin   Tickillin   Tintern   Tomhaggard   Wexford   White Church   White Church Glyn

County Wexford statistics

Area (km² ) Population 1841 Density per km² 1841 Population 2011 Density per km² 2004
2,352 202,033 86 145,320 61.2

Change 1841 - 2011:   56,713 / 28% - decrease

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Londonderry map shown mounted and framedThe maps on this site are taken from a very high resolution digital scans of the originals. They are available for purchase for use in genealogy and as decorative prints for mounting and display. The maps are clear and colours bright. There is some staining and antique discolouration as would be expected of such old documents, this is faithfully reproduced and add to the atmosphere of the reproduction prints.

The printed detail is far greater than reproduced on this web site, as to produce a more accurate scan would result in huge file sizes and excessive download times.

Please note maps are supplied as the print only and are UN-mounted and UN-framed, the example to the right is shown for illustration only with a single mounting board and dark oak frame. Dark green mounting board is recommended as it suits the colours well and is authentic of the period.

Small - As the original
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Large - Greater clarity
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Reproduction prints are on heavyweight textured *192g/sqm paper. Archival quality paper and inks have been used, the combination of which gives an estimated lifespan of at least 75 years. 

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