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Dublin, click for larger map - allow some time to download

Dublin Map
County Maps of Ireland - 1837

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Taken from:
"Lewis's Atlas, comprising the Counties of Ireland"

Published in London by S. Lewis & Co. 87 Aldersgate Street
27th of September 1837.

This map was made in 1837, just 10 years before the disaster of the "Great Famine" in 1847. 1837 is a particularly significant time in Ireland's history at the period of the historically highest population and immediately prior to the great exodus of Ireland's population - in particular to the United States.

The original map image size is approx. 200 x 250mm - See larger image


Dublin statistics

Area (km² ) Population 1841 Density per km² 1841 Population 2011 Density per km² 2011
921 372,773 405 1,173,069 1,219

Change 1841 - 2011:   800,296 / 214% - increase

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
40 in. x 14 in.
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